Piano and Keyboard Lessons


Piano and Keyboard Lessons at The Perfect 5th

30, 45, and 60 minute lessons

Instructor: Mark Dundore

Instructor: Kayla Keating

Instructor: Heather Perry

Instructor: Tracy Wieseman

Instructor: Dawn Bennett

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Cost: Determined by Instructor. Free consultations. Sibling and financial need discounts may apply.

Request Information about Piano/Keyboard Lessons

In piano lessons with Heather, students and parents can expect the following:

  • My students use a Faber method lesson book for songs and theory book for written exercises that deepen the student's understanding of musical concepts
  • I supplement lessons with an iPad full of musical games and apps that enhance understanding of theory and keep information fun and engaging for young learners
  • I believe it is important for students to connect with songs that have personal meaning and enjoyment for them; I love accommodating requests for songs from the radio, movies, hymns or sacred music, and any other sources outside of the method books
  • Use of practice charts and motivational rewards to encourage young learners to make practice enjoyable
  • Regular inclusion of ear training and sight reading exercises
  • Information on how to use lead sheets and chord charts as well as chord theory
  • Tips on making connections between guitar and piano for students crossing over to a new instrument
  • A patient and caring teaching method catered to each student's individual needs and interests