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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Steve Vai Master class!

It was a huge success. We plan to have more events similar to this in the future. Continue to check out our website and Facebook page for upcoming announcements.

If you really enjoyed the guitar master (or if you weren't able to make it but) would like to continue your music education consider taking individual classes from one of our instructors.

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The Perfect 5th
Musical Arts Center Presents:

Steve Vai

Guitar Master Class

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Steve Vai PhotoInternationally renowned electric guitarist Steve Vai will hold a master class at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA.

This 3 hour unique musical and learning event will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Steve Vai's amazing talent as he demonstrates and discusses guitar techniques, music theory, the music business and methods on how to discover and unlock an individual's personal musical identity. A question and answer session will be included, as well as the opportunity for several of the attendees to jam with Steve on stage. Read the full press release about this event, here.

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Event details

When:  Sunday, September 25th, 2:30PM
Where:  Whitaker Center for Science and Arts
Address:  222 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pa

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Attendees should arrive at the venue early. Attendees should eat something before they arrive at the venue. The masterclass will last over 3 hours and there will not be time to eat during the break. Some fans bring energy bars and bottled water along. This is highly recommended.


*Security check via visual inspection or wanding will occur upon entry into venue.

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