All That Jazz!


All That Jazz!

August 14-18, 11 AM - 1 PM

Instructors: Kayla Keating and Mark Dundore

Ages: 5th-8th grade

$150 per person and $140 for P5 students

All That Jazz Camp Description

Students will gain a better understanding and knowledge of Jazz theory, history and play in a Jazz Ensemble.

Understanding jazz music means understanding not only what you’re playing, but what everyone else is playing too. Our instructive jazz theory course will show you how it all comes together, so you can put your new skills to work with our jazz band!

Students will need this class to help understand what they are playing and how it fits into the group. It will help them for when they go to audition and play for their school jazz band and help them when they need to improvise a solo.

Please call (717) 691-9100 to register and leave a message, as we are usually teaching! The instructor will contact you get your child registered or answer any questions you might have.