All That Jazz!


All That Jazz!

July 9th-13th, 11 AM - 2 PM

Instructors: Kayla Keating and Justin Clauser

Ages: 7th grade through 10th grade

$175.00 per Person; $150 for P5 students

There will be a free mini lesson with the instructor of their choice; either Kayla Keating or Justin Clauser

All That Jazz Camp Description

When students attend the All That Jazz! camp, they will be learning about Dixieland up through modern day jazz, improvising, and also jazz theory! Understanding Jazz music means understanding not only what you're playing but what the rest of the ensemble is playing as well. Students will learn the theory and how to improvise a solo over changes. Students will also learn about important composers and famous players from each decade. They will learn about the different styles of jazz and then put it all into practice in our jazz ensemble! Students will learn how their part fits into different jazz ensembles, how to improvise (which notes and scales to use), and how to play in the different styles of jazz. There will be a performance by the jazz ensemble on July 13th at 1pm!

Please call (717) 691-9100 to register and leave a message, as we are usually teaching! The instructor will contact you get your child registered or answer any questions you might have.