Flute Lessons


Flute Lessons located at The Perfect 5th

30, 45, and 60 minute lessons

Instructor: Molly Shortridge

Instructor: Ashley Oros

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

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In flute lessons, students and parents can expect the following:

  • Quality repertoire and fundamental exercises will be taught
  • Music theory and rhythm exercises will be taught
  • For students with a short attentions span, music study will be interspersed with fun music activities that enhance and solidify the learning process
  • Students are encouraged to listen to the teacher and listen to music that provide examples of good musicianship
  • Help with PMEA district, regional and state auditions (Molly’s students often get in the top chairs of the PMEA ensembles)
  • Help with college auditions
  • Help with other auditions; orchestra, jazz band, symphonic winds, etc.
  • Help in dealing with nerves
  • Help in playing with others or with a piano accompaniment
  • Exposure to concert flute in C, alto flute, bass flute and piccolo. Lessons available on these instruments, or from time to time as needed
  • Help with marching band and concert band music
  • Consultations on buying the right flute
  • Coaching on good practice habits
  • Tips on learning difficult passages quickly
  • Goal setting discussions and implementation