Mary Farris

Clarinet Lessons Located at the Perfect 5th

Title: Instructor of Clarinet

Genres: Classical, Balkan/Greek Folk, Ottoman Classical

Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner

Education: BA in Music Performance, Cal State East Bay

Mary Farris' Summary

Mary Farris has been a professional freelance clarinetist and private clarinet instructor for over 30 years. Originally from Mechanicsburg, she recently returned to her hometown after a couple decades of maintaining a busy studio in the California Bay Area. In addition to classical performance and instruction, Mary has travelled extensively in Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey to study the rich folk and modal classical traditions of those regions. She continues to perform at Greek festivals and folkdance events across the US. Lessons with Mary focus on developing a strong technical foundation through scales, exercises, and etudes, while building expressive elements through solos and duets. She has taught ages 5 through 80, including students with unique needs, such aspergers or visual impairments. Through the lens of music, Mary strives to assist each student in realizing his or her unique potential.