Timothy Lyne

Banjo and Upright Bass Bluegrass Lessons Located at the Perfect 5th

Title: Instructor of Bluegrass Banjo and Upright Bass

Genres: Bluegrass, Country, Swing, Blues and Big Band

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Education: Messiah College

Tim Lyne's Summary

Tim has been playing acoustic upright bass and 5 string banjo for decades. He has earned a reputation in the Bluegrass fraternity for his energetic and imaginative walking bass lines and his traditional three finger style on the banjo. His bass style combines non-traditional walking bass lines with Bluegrass chord structures that brings new excitement to even the most well-worn Bluegrass standard.

Tim was introduced to the bass as a senior in high school when the band instructor asked him to play a piece for the senior recital. He realized this was an instrument he couldn't put down and has been playing ever since.

Early in his musical career he performed with a very successful regional Bluegrass band in Northeastern Pa., "The Roots of Bluegrass." This group included well known and accomplished local musicians, James and Anthony Hannigan. It was while playing bass with this group that he picked up the banjo. In a very short time he was performing on both the bass and the banjo.

In 1978 Tim had the good fortune to team up with singer/songwriter guitarist David Wight. As the duo "David and Timothy", they performed in nightclubs from the Poconos to Vermont. David and Timothy quickly became known for their musical diversity; originals, Rockabilly, Country, Bluegrass, Folk and Blues.

As an older student with a family, Tim moved to the area in 1984 to attend Messiah College. (He may be the only Messiah student that tested out of a required music course by performing "Dixie Breakdown" on his 5 String Banjo!) While there he met two professors with Bluegrass music backgrounds and "The Goodword Radio Band" was quickly formed. Tim, Bill Jolliff and Lawrence Ressler played extensively in the Southern Pa., and Northern Md. area for a five year period. They also recorded two gospel albums at that time.

Tim currently plays bass for "Canaan's Land" bluegrass band. They have played at festivals and events in many different states and will be recording their third album this winter. Tim is also putting the finishing touches on his new Luthiery shop where he plans to devote more time to building acoustic guitars and banjos while continuing to repair and recondition other acoustic stringed instruments.

Tim primarily plays by "ear", but uses traditional tablature to teach the banjo. A standard lesson book will be used with the upright bass. However, every student learns differently, both the young and not-so-young so lessons will reflect whatever technique best suits the individual. Tim enjoys group workshops for both instruments and would be happy to lead either as requests are received.

Tim believes that one of the keys to successfully learning to play any instrument, but particularly the bass and banjo is lots and lots of encouragement...and making the learning process fun! The sense of accomplishment that accompanies that first clean banjo "lick", or that first booming bass line is not just personally satisfying; it's something to be celebrated and shared!