The Perfect 5th Staff

The faculty at The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center is a collective group of musicians, actors and artists, led by the Co-owners, Justin Clauser and Molly Shortridge. The Perfect 5th has been in operation more than 7 years, and our teachers have a collective voice in the creation and implementation of music programs. All teachers design and develop their own businesses under the Perfect 5th heading, yet collaborate in ways that develop unique classes and programs. Our teachers have high levels of musicianship, artistry, passion, and integrity. We continually strive to encourage, nurture, and teach students of all ages and abilities, adapting lessons to individual needs. We hope to enhance lives with the joy of learning an art that lasts a lifetime. We also encourage our students to become members of the community who contribute their personal art and talent to others in ways that are meaningful and promote goodwill.